A Snowy Day!

Morning Nursery children enjoyed a snowy morning outside making marks and writing names in the snow with sticks and spades. Our water trays were full of ice – what has happened? Why? The children talked about water freezing and ice melting, describing what they could see and feel.


Hot Chocolate and Story Evening

Thank you to all the children and parents who joined us for our bedtime stories in their pyjamas and onesies!  It was exciting to return to school in the dark in our dressing gowns and slippers! The children enjoyed sharing stories with parents and friends and having their hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits.

A Snowy Afternoon

Afternoon Nursery children were catching the snowflakes on their tongues and jumping in puddles as it began to snow. The children developed their gross motor skills. The children talked about the snow and ice and how the weather changes.

Preparing for our Hot Chocolate Evening!

We helped to get everything ready for our hot chocolate evening by mixing and spreading the icing working on fine motor skills.  The children decorated the tree and helped to get the books ready.  The children practised their pouring and scooping skills using the ‘glittery snow’ and counted spoonfuls into each one.

Icy Colour Mixing!

We talked about the snowstorm in the Bear Hunt story and looked closely at the ice cubes. We described the ice and talked about what was happening to the ice in our warm classroom.  The children were fascinated with the ice and enjoyed colour mixing with the powder paints in the builders tray.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!


On Monday morning we found some huge, footprints in our Nursery classroom and we investigated what could have happened using our torches, magnifiers, binoculars and notepads.  Some children thought the footprints may belong to a dragon, dinosaur or lion but we found out that they had been left by a bear!

The children enjoyed re-telling the story using props and sensory trays, making bears and exploring the cornflour and shaving foam snow.  As part of our Talk for Writing the children brought a soft toy to school to change the bear in the story to a new character!

We counted bears in the water tray and in the mud pit.  We created our own bear hunt obstacle course outside and used positional language to describe where the bear was hiding.