Owl Babies

The children loved the story “Owl Babies” and used soft toy owls and branches and twigs to re-enact the story.  The children used the repeated refrains from the story.  |We made our own nests using a range of resources and made a giant nest outside using the long sticks and other resources.

Fritton Owl Sanctuary came to visit us and brought Fluke the barn owl for us to hold and we found out more facts about owls.

The Big Garden Birdwatch!

The children  have been learning about how to care for garden birds through the winter. Ebonie made a lovely bird box using twigs and moss. Other children used junk modelling items to create bird boxes and make birds.  We enjoyed feeding the birds and watching them out on the field.  We made our own bird feeders using pine cones, bird seed, and lard and hung then in our garden areas.  The children enjoyed talking about the birds they could see and hear on a walk around the school environment.

A Snowy Day!

Morning Nursery children enjoyed a snowy morning outside making marks and writing names in the snow with sticks and spades. Our water trays were full of ice – what has happened? Why? The children talked about water freezing and ice melting, describing what they could see and feel.

Hot Chocolate and Story Evening

Thank you to all the children and parents who joined us for our bedtime stories in their pyjamas and onesies!  It was exciting to return to school in the dark in our dressing gowns and slippers! The children enjoyed sharing stories with parents and friends and having their hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits.

A Snowy Afternoon

Afternoon Nursery children were catching the snowflakes on their tongues and jumping in puddles as it began to snow. The children developed their gross motor skills. The children talked about the snow and ice and how the weather changes.